Find the ideal way to restore your GHD hair straighteners

Published: 13th April 2011
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Are your GHD hair straighteners broken? Perhaps you are encountering a person of these difficulties:

- The light does not arrive on.
- The light is flashing when moving the straighteners.
- The straighteners turns off soon after heating up.
- The light turns off when you move them.
- You are hearing a sound these kinds of as buzz or a hum.
- The light is dim.
- Your straighteners have a loose wire.
- The straighteners appear entirely dead.
- No light on your straighteners.
- No beeping sound from your straighteners.
- The straighteners preserve beeping.

These are only some of the troubles that could come about to your GHD hair straighteners. Electrical merchandise can create faults, but in the scenario of GHD hair straighteners these complications can be addressed and repaired by our Uk restore support.

These top quality products ought to not be disposed of, but repaired to extend their life. Helping you conserve money and maximise your return on your investment.

Right here are the main causes to use us to restore your GHD Hair Straighteners:

- Fixed selling price ?19.95 including any replacement components!
- Guaranteed fault fix.
- Repaired within just 72 hrs!
- PAT test of every GHD hair straightener.
- Full sanitisation of the GHD hair straighteners.
- Total Uk coverage.

This is an amazing support especially at only ?19.95 such as any replacement areas. All our electrical engineers are certified and we have a long time of knowledge. When it comes to GHD repairs we are the United kingdom firm to hire.

As well as as mentioned we supply a PAT test as component of our repair package. Portable Appliance Testing is not carried out my quite a few of our rivals, nevertheless it is a crucial element of our services and shows our commitment to delivering a substantial good quality repair service.

Your hair straighteners may possibly be returned far faster than 72 hours, however even if it is nearer to 72 hrs, I'm confident you would agree it is nevertheless a speedy support. Which means that it won?t be long until you have operating GHD hair straighteners all over again!

It makes perfect feeling to go the fix route instead than acquiring an high priced replacement GHD hair straightener unit. Our affordable, reputable and fast support readily available across the entire of the Uk is the very best way ahead.

As our slogan says ?GHD repairs - easy, rapid and easy?.

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